Free online teaching app for teachers

Free online teaching app or free online learning app for the teachers and the students.  Highly in demand platform in the world. nTRIVIA is a free interactive voice based fun trivia app where we are providing the only teaching or the free online learning platforms outside the classrooms. The teachers or the mentors outside the classroom or the organizational entity outside the coaching centers can use this platform to make their students learn in a fun way. We have designed nTRIVIA app using Artificial Intelligence to provide your students assistance in reading out the visible questions and the answer options. The coaching centers, non-profit organizations, or the educational institutions who are intent to improve their student’s intelligence and performance with objective question answers can use this platform. They can use this free online teaching app platform to upload their selective questions and answers by registering with us. In order to register for this free online teaching app or free online learning app they need to be signing up in our website. You can see our video on how to use, right on the website. They can allow access to their students to use this free interactive voice based online learning app to grow their awareness about the current affairs, GK, Sports, Bollywood movies, vocabulary and also you can upload your questions & categories of your choice that your students could then practice.

It is really an amazing free online learning app for the students who wants to learn more beside the classroom session. Anyone with a log in account in this nTRIVIA app can directly see the question and answers updated by their respective coaching centers or the educational institute. Subject to the approval by their respective institutions or the coaching centers.

nTRIVIA makes it easy for learners and instructors to connect with one another – inside and outside of schools. nTRIVIA not only saves time and paper, but also allows them to learn without any disturbance anywhere at any time.

Teacher who wants to use this Free online teaching app, makes it easy to create question banks, distribute objective assignments, communicate and stay organized to the students.

There are many benefits of using Free online teaching app or free online learning app platform:

• Easy to set up – Teachers or the educational institutes can add students directly with their class to join. It takes just a few minutes to set up.

• Saves time – The simple, paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create, add question banks and assignments quickly, all in one place. It allows them to choose the category as per their needs.

• Improves organisation – Students can see all their objective question and answer assignments on different category page made by the teachers.

• Enhances communication – nTRIVIA allows Students can share resources with one another or provide answers to questions on the stream or in the social media as well.

• Affordable and secure – Like the rest of Education services, nTRIVIA contains no ads, login free, never uses your content or student data for advertising purposes,and is free.

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